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Panel Change And Installation

Looking for a service to change or install an electrical panel? Would you like to add electrical outlets or buy other electrical devices, but your switchboard does not allow it? Is your residence over twenty-five years old? If so, an upgrade to your power board would be required. Do not let anyone do this electrical work if it is not professional; otherwise, in case of any breakage, you could have many problems. An electric shock can be deadly, just as a malfunction can cause a blaze. More on this website

Usually, installing an electrical panel involves new construction or replacing a meeting that does not comply with current standards. Therefore, booking the services of a qualified expert is your best protection. ​

The Hydro network brings electricity to your home using two live wires and a neutral wire. These are connected to the distribution panel on the main circuit breaker and then distributed on the various secondary switches to go to the electrical circuits of your residence.
​It is helpful to be aware that the electrical panel preserves the security of the circuit group in your house.

Installation of the electrical panel – Experts in Electrical Panel Installation
There are two types of switchgear, those with fuses and others with circuit breakers. The fused model was widely used until 70, except it is now on the verge of extinction. Also, many insurance companies are demanding that they are renewed with a circuit breaker panel. We must remember that the electrical panel is the brain of your home. By using the services of our company, you will benefit from corrections to your electrical input to ensure you have maximized and protective capacity for upgrading your electrical installation. ​

For new construction or a change of panel, our electricians have all the required assets, training, skills, and licenses to accomplish their trade in the rules of the art and professional ethics. The quality of our work is offered to you to respond quickly and efficiently to your requests. We proudly obtain confidence, consistency, and references from our customers. ​

Free estimate on our electrical panel installation
We mainly offer our services in the area. On the other hand, individual contracts could be executed outside this area depending on the need for desired services. For your protection, please don’t wait any longer to carry out your electrical work; contact our team of electrical specialists today to request a free quote on your project!